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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Typing on ma bed

the english teacher whom I admire and aspire to be like said this once, "Find that turn of the phrase. Find a way to arrange words in an order that sounds different but pleasing, jarring yet sound. Make people think beyond the mere text on the page and you'll have them hooked."

Turn the phrase.

Certain pieces of advice really stick with you. No matter how many hours of schooling you've had that tells you otherwise, you make sure to credit that advice by directly implementing it into the work you're doing currently. For me, I write so many papers and strangely enough, I'm not very good at it. I lose focus of a thesis or topic sentence and I end up writing something that consists of many clever little phrases strung together aimlessly, all of them squirming to gain a significance that is not supplanted by context. Through a talk with my roomie, I realized that my prayer life has become this too. or has always been this. a series of clever phrases.

Ever since I was little, I marveled at these pastors who would make these elaborate and beautiful prayers that lifted my spirit. I wanted to be that man who could spin words to do tricks and amaze a crowd and I consistently surprise myself when I look back and remember just how many times I've had to speak in front of a large crowd.

July 24th, 2007
In the large sanctuary of my Church was the 500 member congregation, I was to be baptized that day. My youth pastor had clumsily forgotten that one of the baptees (hehe) had to give a short statement after their baptism for the adult congregation. With the promise of a free lunch later, my pastor pegged me to do the speaking. I walked up to the very top tier of the stage and walked into the tub, white gown and all, and was gracefully dunked by my head pastor, the most spirit-filled man I've met in my life. As I came up out of the water, there was a microphone at my face. Panic arose in streaks across my face and then I spoke.

"It is such a great privilege to be baptized here today with all of you great people. I am so sure that this is a new beginning to my Christian walk and I am so blessed to be baptized with some of my closest friends. Thank you."

The adults couldn't get enough and that speech was a big point of pride for my parents when the congregation was able to identify me as their child. You turn a phrase correctly, you'll have them hooked.

Wow I haven't written one of these anxiety-riddled Christian entries since my xanga days.

Prayer has become this constantly need to top what I said last. "How do I phrase a prayer of repentance in a more appealing manner? How can I make this prayer neater?" I just want to cry out and not give a damn about what I sound like.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Half-Hearted Love Letter to the Great State of New Jersey

There is nothing like New York City in Christmastime. As the city itself is lifted in unison by the conglomeration and undeniable saturation of Christmases long, long ago, New York always appears in its' best behavior. For once the city's gray slush is completely outdone by the monument to Yule Tide joy.

I've observed all of this holiday hoopla gazing in deep, handsome contemplation from across the Hudson. Yes, I am a registered New Jerser, Jersian (We have not been able to think of a cool name for ourselves)

To my fellow Garden Staters! and the rest of you who live underprivileged lifestyles of certain blindness and scarcity of trees. I am embarking on this journey to define my own, very private New Jersey as a means of promoting the
burgeoning field of New Jersey tourism.

Pictures will be scarce; let my vivid wor
ds create the images of this Northeastern paradise for you.

I grew up around a lot of trees, lots of tall trees who've grown up with the generations of family names and legacies in my tiny little town. If someone were to refer to a place of residence quaint, it most often means that the kids who do the residing are bored out of their narrow, narrow minds.

There is one street lined with barbershops and pizzerias which my town affectionately calls that commerce. Glen Rock NJ where suburba
n housewives breed hyperactive, extra-curricular children from the driver's seat of an SUV and an outdoor pool.

As I further remove myself from the home I grew up in, I am increasingly more critical of how I grew up. I realize this more and more after I had forgotten so much about the sleepy little town full of power brokers and businessmen. I'm helping my sister out with college apps and because we went through a lot of the same things : lack of diversity, wastefulness, ignorance, extreme wealth and privilege. It's been tough to guide her apps without tapping into that deeply engrained sense of bitterness and regret.

Because there were no other Asian kids, I h
ad a miserable time. The days where I wanted to be a white kid made it that much more confusing when battling with an Asian American identity that is constantly mocked by students and teachers who somehow maintain a pleasant tone of voice.

I did have white friends but I know it's really difficult for me to open myself completely to them. I feel like they will never truly understand any which way I perceive my life, their lives, the world. I'm trying to break this. After so many papers where I've praised diversity and differences in thinking, how can I not appreciate varying worldviews and life experiences?

It's a matter of comfort.
I've gone great lengths to make college as racially different from high school. From my very closest friends to simple acquaintances, I've surrounded myself with Asian people, falling into the grand generalization that Asian people, men in particular can only hang out with themselves. They are the least committed to diversity building in the ethnic spectrum. Frankly, I don't really give a damn anymore. I've surrounded myself with people that make me happy and that I've enjoy talking too. There wasn't too much of that back in Jersey. In fact, I would trek my ass all the way to Queens to find some decent Asian people to hang out with.

But it's home. Park benches, kids on bikes, the piz
za from John's Boys, the stoner, underachieving drop-outs. Home is a one-acre ranch with a backyard full of gophers and a shed that me and my dad built. We tried growing tomatoes once and the gophers just ate em all. Now we, gopher and man, live harmoniously together.

New Jersey continues to confuse me. Towns of extreme wealth like mine are then surrounded by cities of such dire poverty, riddled with gang life and an entirely different racial landscape. Asian people have found these niches in rich white communities, single-handedly giving any sort of semblance to a diversity movement in suburban America. With issues of red-lining slowly being eliminated one by one, Asian parents are prone to flock then attack areas with attributes from good schooling, safety to the cleanliness of the public pool. It's their nature. A grand immigrant tradition of unrestricted upward m
obility and moving to anultimate goal, whiteness.

Can we gain the world and not become white?
Not that there is being white is so horrible, but because I enjoy Asianness. It's an extremely distinct trait that not many people have the privilege of holding inherently and walking with daily. People will always change, but can I control what I cha
nge into?

New Jersey, I am like so many of your bitter kids who leave you for New York or California. But i guess you are okay. The trees keep me coming back.

"Look ma, I'm confused but I still love you." NOTICE THE TREES. They're beautiful.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Iconic Man/ Black Men are killing the game

blogger/lawyer who loves his wife (


Ye w/ knit tie

THE Black Ivy (

Spike and his shoes

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Troubling Quotations/ The Right Words in the Right Order Can Really Mess You Up

I am displeased

What's that saying? The smarter you get, the more you realize how much you don't know.

What a depressing, begrudging thought.

There's another one that states , There's always someone else in the world who's better than you.

No matter how good we are, we will always sell the world short on ourselves.
They will ask for more after we've given absolutely everything to them. Exhausted and thoroughly spent we'll decide for ourselves if we're satisfied.

I haven't spent myself in so long. I haven't been pleased with my exhaustion in years. Joshua Lee has been known to half-ass his way through life. Even things he should be concerned about to the most intimate degree have been lost in waves and reinforcements of disgusting complacency.

I swear I'll get there one day. One day I won't quit climbing a mountain, working out, getting fit, writing a story, making a relationship work, pleasing my father, pleasing my mother, helping my little sister, being a hyung to my little cousin, being proud and happy with myself.

I will finally climb to the mountaintop and then find those surrounding peaks taller than me. But I will get there and I will smile in my inequity.

This quote off of someone's tumblr keeps coming back to me.

"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

-George Elliot

website of the week: (Obama's Lincoln)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Whoever said that black and blue clash should get the hell up outta here ;)

This picture is the pinnacle of my material aspirations.
Makes sense that it would be lost and confused on the floor, trying to see if there's a way to regain something lost.

Kanye you are truly inspiration. Jesus walks brotha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving To-Do's

The To-Do lists are back! You know why? Because I am currently stuck writing a paper, so it has now become the perfect time to PLAN AHEAD.


1. Watch Social Network (gotta support CUSE alum, Aaron Sorkin)

2. Watch Harry Potter, maybe cry a little

3. Eat Great food/ Take advantage ofJersey/New York Food

a. Turkey, stuffing, Samgyubsahl, rice (My Beautiful Korean-American Thanksgiving. Honest-to-God, my favorite moment of the year.)

b. Bayside Diner (Bayside, Queens) are they still renovating?
(The Freshmeadow vs. the Beast)

c. Chicken and Rice (NYC 5th and 53rd)

d. Chipotle (Paramus, NJ)

e. White Manna or Shake Shack (Hackensack, NJ/ Madison Square Park)

f. Grimaldi's or Lombardi's (Douglaston, NY/ Prince St)

4. Thrift something of real value

5. Catch up with relationships. Really enforce them with substance and make them stronger.

Site of the Week: (I DIE - Rachel Zoe)

pt. 2: to all my flushing heads (K-BBQ)

Denim Movement, Denim Flow

Levi's Meatpacking 414 West 14th Street

Denim has long been the staple of American workwear and in the thousands of washes out there nothing quite captures the spirit of manifest destiny/frontier west like a damn fine piece of denim.

Denim is cowboy propaganda.

This has been my love song to woo the masculinity in denim.

Friday, September 24, 2010


“It’s like the language certain people speak to each other. That’s the way I like to look at it. I mean we’re all students of fashion, but you really study style though. That’s the thing that really connects me to the next person on the street, there style and my style might be relatable or not be relatable.”

-Joshua Kissi

Sunday, September 5, 2010

6 classes again

So I'm taking 6 classes again. After the first week of school, I've once again affirmed that my hatred for science/math is still pure and extremely potent.

I picked up ASTronomy 101 to fulfill a lab requirement (ughhhh requirements). Lectures are by Professor Duncan Brown and he seems nice and charismatic enough for a science teacher. But even with a teacher that cracks jokes on his weight and general unformly figure (which I find prettyyy funny) I cannot get past how much i dislike the subject.

I dont like planetary models. I don't like slideshows featuring orbits of different solar systems.

And I refuse to believe the sun would ever die. This Syracuse summer has reinstilled my faith in that the magnificent glowing orb will never see any natural end.

But God bless me. I'm getting an education

CRS- I'm not sure how to feel about you anymore. I once hated you.

CRS- the Donovan Mcnabb Major
CRS Alumni

Andy Rautins (Point guard/Shooting Guard). Sharpshooter selected in the 2nd round of the NBA draft by the New York Knicks.

Mike Williams (Wide receiver) - Kicked off Syracuse football team midseason for not buying into the coach's team philosophy. Picked 4th round NFL draft.

Donovan Mcnabb (Quarterback) -Passing prodigy. 2 sport Division 1 athlete in basketball and football at syracuse. Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles first round of the NFL draft. Now plays QB for the Washington Redskins.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Toil under the sun

What does man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?

2: 11
I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight n all my work and this was the reward for all my labor. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.

hands wrinkled with age stretch out to soak up something unfamiliar

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pedro Kim, Peter Jae, Peter Kim Vol. 1 (For my 14 Followers out there)

Pedro Kim June 24 at 7:22pm Reply

To My 14 followers
Message Peter sent on Facebook

My favorite peter pics


Hey guys,

I just wanted to reach outto you and ask for your support in spreading the word on a web series I'm involved with.

I'm sure most of you know by now that I'm involved with a web series called KTOWN COWBOYS. We premieredit at the APA Film Festival in LA and Sold Out 600 seats and won an award for Best First Narrative Feature Film. We then released it as a web series a couple of months ago and have been releasing anew episode every week.

We all know that Hollywood is point blank racist. They rarely create any good roles for people of Asian descent.Youtube and web series has been a new channel for underrepresented ethnicities to get their work out. For me, its been a platform to promote myself as an Actor and gain the exposure I need to get work on a grander scale. The more hits you get on these channels themore these industry people take your project serious. There are so many other projects out there that are trash but get millions of hits just becausepeople support them and then in turn, the major studios give them deals.

KTOWN COWBOYS has been a huge success in LA and its pretty much the buzz of the city. I have people come up to me everywhere I go because of this web show. But this is just one town. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to reach my hometown in NY through the power of the internet. That's why I'm asking if you guys can show your support and please spread the word. All it takes is a Post on your page and word of mouth.

This road that I'm traveling is not an easy one. I've sacrificed and left everything I love back home and traveled across the country to be in a city that I hate but I'm trying to make the most of it because I believe in what I'm doing. It seems almost impossible at times but I'm willing fight the fight. I only ask for your support. Please spread the word. Thanks for the taking the time out. I really do appreciate it. Can't wait to be back home.
Reviews & Buzz: - Groove/Asia - - - Angry Asian Man - ‘Ktown Cowboys’ Episode 1 Hits the Web After a Sold-out World Premiere at LAAPFF - Channel APA - Angry Asian Man - LAAPFF- Peachies
Peter on the very left. Me Brownish one towards middleeee

Monday, August 16, 2010

To-Do Lists

I have recently started making daily to-do lists for myself.

I have yet to finish everything on my list.

But I feel even if I did finish everything, every day life would just come down to completing menial tasks and there is no more fun.

This is my latest one 08/16/2010

To-Do List

1) Drop John off at JFK (DONE)

2) Give sister ride to Borders (Got a ride froma friend (DONE))

3) Write A-Line App (In the middle of it)

4) Move Boxes and clean room (Have yet to even consider how to do this)

5) Learn Mac Programs (Nope)

6) Call Fin Aid (Went to voicemail when I called (DONE))

7) Blog (Almost DONE)

8) Call Richard. Check up on cousin Hyeon woo at his first retreat (Texted instead, no reply (DONE)

9) Start a Screenplay (Nope)

Ask Umma

10) Teeth whitening (She just got home from work. About to pop the question)

11) Allergy Doctor (.....................................................................................................)

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because James Told me too and I've been way too lazy to updatee- My defense of KTOWN (We'll be seeing a lot of each other this semester)

This was my comment taken in response to the blog entry by I'm not a Writer.
(A business man that can write is a very dangerous man)

Hey James,
Although I agree with a lot of your points, I actually believe that there is a lot that K-TOWN can do for the furtherment? of Asian Americans, maybe without meaning too.
The stereotypes you listed are extremely prevalent, but I think the ones you are mixing that have to deal with Asian accents (the way Asian American speech is depicted) and Asian American sexuality ( which is the whole you knowwwwwww)

Seeing Korean Americans as fun loving, drunk, and brash individuals is an entirely new direction for Asians on TV. Today if Asian Americans are not depicted still as Martial Artists or foreigners, they are given extremely generic roles as COP #4 or Doctor #2.

So it's interesting to see Asian men who are looked in a sexual sense with all the boozing and hooking up. Asian women who don't perpetuate violin playing, straight A students.

I feel like KTOWN will follow in the example of Harold and Kumar by showing not all of us can be extremely successful businessmen like YOU lol.

Something I thought was unique for Jersey Shore was how much pride both Italian "Mike the Situation" and non-italian JWOW and Snooki had for being a guido.
I sincerely hope the cast of KTOWN don't refer to themselves as gooks or something other misguided terminology but I'm sure because it looks as if they will be exclusively partying in KTOWN that they will have a lot of KOrean pride, somehting completely absent in TV today.

For me Gay porn makes for at least interesting TV.

Next post the KTOWN COWBOY that hates California. Miss ya Petterrrrr.
GGAk doogeee head

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K-Town Cowboys, what else! This is what's hot on the streets right now.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Movie Characters Vol. 1

Listed from most recent on

1. Inception/ Eames- played by Tom Hardy

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling." Just classic suave, smooth-talking con man with an affinity for big guns and hand-to-hand combat. CHYEAAAAA. Also delivered my favorite line in the movie.

2. the Departed/ Billy Costigan played by Leonardo Decaprio

Finally shed my ill will towards Decaprio after his performance as a prissy new yorker in the Titanic. Sharp, gritty, on the edge, constantly bordering his breaking point as a rat in the mob with a killer Boston accent.

3. Princess and the Frog/ Tiana voiced by Anika Noni Rose

Hardworking, moral waitress turned first black Disney princess. So hawtt.

4. Up in the Air- Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney

A movie for a largely unemployed America. Playing the "bad guy" Clooney flies around the country with his leading man charm and gray hair intact firing employees for big companies who don't want to run their hands through any situation associated by guilt. Classy, charismatic, and opportunistic Clooney is the only actor cool enough to be able to portray someone who can take away someone's livelihood without crushing their soul.

July 20th - Vol. 2 (there's gonna be lots o Denzel)

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Korean World Cup Commercials

Website of the Week: Black guy hugging Asian people for Racial Unity in the Bay Area (Very Appropriate URL)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Put on a Pretty face

To mark the 2nd full month of unemployment I've been diligently growing the whiskers on my chin and cheeks. Yes, I do grow scraps of facial hair up to a about a centimeter below my eye. My only wish was that it could be fuller so I could pull off a real Just For Men beard.

You know a real beard that you get scraps of food stuck in. The kind of ruggedness rocked by both lumberjacks and gay fashion designers ala Tom Ford (I'm not sure if used ala right.) But boy, Tom Ford is a quite fine looking gentleman.

Best Looking Gay guy ever?????!!!!
Quite Possibly. Extremely Gayand Handsome.
Well Old Tom here already got me into some trouble this year.


During a discussion class the topic of the John Legend concert/speech at SU came up. Of course being the huge John Legend fan that I am, I basically described not only his singing, but his magneticcharisma, stage presence, andclassic sense of cool and dress all in ceaseless poetic verse.



The class looked at me and insisted I had a man-crush. I obliged.
They went on to ask me if I had any other men of status and beauty that I admired. I went on to list 8-9 names of men of power in rapidfire motion, including the prior-mentioned Mr. Ford.without any notion of self-restraint I spokeof the men who have inspired me through their talent and their snazzy clothes.


They looked at me again and now insisted that I was just another bicurious male student studying at a liberal arts University.

I am not bicurious. I am actually quite fond of woman. ..... and Tom Ford's Facial hair, but come onnnnn.

However, this revelation elicited an internet response through my beloved facebook. Where a bicurious and extremely insecure student asked if I had interest.

Chris. Really I am flattered and your shift in fetishizing Asian men because of my own sex appeal did great things for my morale but I'm sorry to say I'm just not that into you. (like the movie)

Sorry my mind drifts into the mountains of hyperlinks and youtube clips I've watched.

I'm still trying to getting used to typing like a snarky(Dane Cook uggghhh can't believe I ended up using a word he got a few cheap laughs with) Mag writer.

And Just Because I have to prove that Josh is a hypersexual, straight, College Sophomore here's Emma Watson.

and Grace Park

I'm trying to get into books lately. I am open to suggestions.

May 13th- FIFA World CUP Wrap up and my own personal 4 year plan.
May 14th- Oscar Speeches

video of the day:
U2 i'm into them now

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sport is globally relevent

I'm typing on my dinner table. It still smells like the lobster I had bout 8 hours ago.

I've been rushed with this kind of emotion before. And at 19 years old, it's sad that I am too well-acquainted with the feeling of settling. Settling for something less than what you feel you worked for and deserve.

HELL YEAHH I'm talking bout Lebron.

Just list his physicals. He's 6ft. 8in. tall weighs about 285lbs. There is no one in this country and as he proved in the Olympics, THE WORLD, that can stop this man when he drives the lane. For once as a Knick fan, I could have had the best.

I got Ronny Turiaf via sign-in-trade. GoodBye forever David Lee.6ft 10 250 lb.s 27 years of age. Serviceable veteran

Recently, like sports fans everywhere, the bulk of my day has been concentrated on two things, Destination Lebron and the World Cup.

Bad News:
1)Lebron signs with the Heat, leaving the Knicks haplessly defenseless, having no 1st round picks for the next two years and wasting away the last two trying to make the team attractive enough for a man who could have profits in the hundreds of millions.

2) I find out the World Cup Finale will be televised live simultaneously as church conducts Sunday service. I need to make a choice and I'm already heavily leaning one way. I MISSED THE ZIDANE HEADBUTT. I'M ASHAMED TO SAY I MISSED THE LAST WORLD CUP FINAL. I NEED TO SEE THIS ONE.
ARJEN ROBBEN HAS A HEAD JUST AS OR DECIDEDLY MORE SHINY AND BALDING THAN ZIDANE'S. THINK of all the SPORTSCENTER forgetting about Lebron and focusing on what appears to be a volatile yet wildly accepted WC tradition!

You heard it here first. I SHALL SKIPP THE SABBATH. I've done it before. NOttt a big deall. God understands World Cup fever, afterall he did invent it. Give Credit where credit's due.

I'm a Sports Crazyperson
On the first day of school in 9th grade, my history teacher asked the class to look up a question that was nationally relevant and ask it aloud to the class.

I asked him if they should put an asterisk next to Bond's freshly minted all-time leading Home Run mark.

He appeared frustrated and bluntly put that sports is not important enough to merit discussion in a history class.

I disagree.....

Sport takes us into a downright magical place where we can root for the most recognizable faces and the most winningest teams, yet still be filled with the wonder of not knowing what's going to happen next. The men who are able to run, kick, throw, and catch are immortalized. Athletes have been bronzed next to statues of Presidents, prime ministers, writers, and Activists. And at times their busts are infinitely more recognizable than that of a world leader.

When kids are growing up they want to be the next Jordan, Jeter, and Manning. They mimic their mannerisms, the way they move their feet when a defense swarms or how to BEND IT LIKE BECKHAMM, DAMN IT. The future generations of this country aren't pretending to pass legislation like Obama, they're shooting water bottles in the trash cans like Kobe.

That is CULTURAL RELEVANCE. That's authority.

I cry. I cheer. I mourn the passing of legends. I mourn the futility of the modern salary cap era knicks. Hell this is a bad day. Let's go NEDERLANDSSS. ORANGE FOREVER.

So have fun in Miami Lebron, where you'll be playing third chair next to DWADE, and my girl Snooki.

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I gotta figure out how to hyperlink this stuff

Thanks for readdinggg

Oscars Post is Next

Monday, July 5, 2010


Sorry I'm still at California time and immersed in World Cup Fever. I am currently battling the urge to play FIFA at 4 oclock AM eastern time.

Me Enjoying space moutnain


There is genuine fear

I have a friend who is inspired at Disneyland. We're the same age and other than moving to Cali in the 8th grade, we were raised in a specific, almost identical fashion. Out of all of my close friends, it is this friend who has maintained his infuriating sense of optimism, and a childlike joy for Jesus that laughs in the face of the teen anxiety that usually accompanies a first year in college.

It may be the beaming California sunshine. It may be the water over there. But after years of sharing jokes, taking jabs, and fighting with him I realized that the boy's just a bit different.
He's cocky too. Stating on more than one occasion that my pessimistic points on Christianity can never win an argument because simply, I'm wrong all the time. You'd like him.

So you(yes you, I've decided to refer to the 2nd person because I feel its more personable and I'm still not talented enough to make a sentence flow without the use of you. So remember, I NEED YOU.) needed to know a little about my friend because he is absolutely pivotal to Disneyland.

I came to California and he pitched me Disneyland like this. "It inspires me. Every time I step into the park, not only am I happy, the people around me are happy. From the tram that takes us from the parking garage to the park at dawn to the fireworks at night at dusk, God inspires me with every step I take through that park. Every glance at a piece of architecture that was created to be pleasing to the eye proves to me constantly that God has continued to gift people to this present day and I love him for it."


The man is hopelessly romanced by Disneyland. He could legitimately sell Disneyland literature and people would eat it up. A simple piece of prose in adoration. He shares stories and locations of popular attraction like it's the gospel and he's been commissioned by divinity to do so. Maybe he is. And maybe with a pair of mouse ears he could be top dog one day. I wouldn't put it past him; the man's a dreamer.
I love him for it.

Oh yea Disneyland was fun. The Fireworks were fantasmic.
I'm still terrified at the very sight and shrieking of rollercoasters, although I did come to enjoy Space Mountain very much.
I saw a man propose in front of Cinderella's castle right before the fireworks were about to start.
This act exhibits three things that women look for class, sentiment and stage presence.
Great way to start off a lifelong relationship. Lucky girl.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back from LA

Happiest Place in the World :D

So in all my years of air travel I have still yet to sit next to a hot person on the plane. With every passing trip, every red-eye back to Jersey without the fulfillment that accompanies the experience of sitting next to someone beautiful, I've begun thinking that my chances of actually sitting next to someone with truly aesthetically pleasing features must be right around the corner.

I took the liberty of recounting some of the people in the non-hot category that dawdle in infamy within the many prisons of my mind. In both international and domestic flights I have had the pleasure of sitting next to and remembering........

From most recent to past
1) Summer 2010 LAX to JFK - Middle-aged Asian tourists to my right and my left.
In fact, (should there be a comma there?) in a domestic flight with an incredible amount of diversity, honest to God, there was an Asian herding system in place. Asian people, including myself were crowded into the front right corner of the plane right behind the business class. It was kind of ridiculous. I swear, I saw the only white couple in my area wake up from a nap and almost jump up out of their seats because they thought they were on the wrong plane.
Anyways, middle aged Asian people, I have to say are not the worst pick out of the lot. Definitely not hottie material presently, but decent, friendly people. (God, I need to stop writing stereotypes.)

On to the Next One (For info on Jay-z's newest video and possible fiendish agenda, I've included a link to a fan's interpretation of the symbols in Jay's latest video:

COME TO THE KNICKS LEBRON (Jay is trying to steer you wrong)

That's me doing the Lebron in San Diego. I like him a lot.

2) Summer 2009 JFK to Incheon International Airport- First row in a 4 seater row. I sat next to a Korean grandma, her son, and her son's son. For 16 hours I lived next to a real living, fleshed out, Korean family tree. It played out like this. A Mother insults her son, while showering her grandson with frankincense, myrrh, and fresh diapers in 4 hour increments. And I was right there next to the action, to witness and smell.

3) Summer 2008 JFK to Narita International Airport - I learned a Church Mission trip to Japan is neither the right place nor time to pray for the arrival of attractive strangers.
No hotties hereeeee!!

*Remember Kids, Traveling with family or members of a congregation limits your own opportunities in sitting next to the smoldering stranger you may o
ne day be romantically linked with.

So all in all, my time to sit next to a smokin hot stranger is drawing near. I've exhausted almost every single possibility in air companionship, so I have great faith that my next flight will hold the intimidatingly beautiful and mysterious stranger that constantly run from magazine spreads through my imagination.
She and Lebron should date

Future posts for this week:
Mon July 5th- Disneyland
Tue July 6th- Oscar Speeches
Wed July 7th- Princess and the Frog
Thurs July 8th- Lebron's Choice
Fri July 9th- Joy or Manic Depression following the results of Lebron's choice
Sat July 10th- World Cup

Video of the Day: Kim Yuna Infinity Challenge