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Saturday, June 25, 2011


keep on the lookout, from the watchtower, clocktower, belltower, a tower records. Remain locked in anticipation on some kind of elevated plane standing above sea level for big, great changes with this blog.
I'm aware that I've promised this before and have left my loyal readership less than impressed. But THIS time, THIS time, I promise.
Happy Sunday everyone, Gay marriage is now legal in New York state, peoples of ethnic Asian backgrounds make up 1/8th of NYC's entire population, and I will be clapping my hands and worshipping Jesus in 10 hours, in a beautiful Church in Queens.

2AM has dawned upon me and this paper I'm supposedly writing, somehow it just feels like a NY kind of day. I am in a New York State of Mind sitting in my New Jersey Kitchen.
At ease, gentleman. And goodnight.

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