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Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Movie Characters Vol. 1

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1. Inception/ Eames- played by Tom Hardy

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling." Just classic suave, smooth-talking con man with an affinity for big guns and hand-to-hand combat. CHYEAAAAA. Also delivered my favorite line in the movie.

2. the Departed/ Billy Costigan played by Leonardo Decaprio

Finally shed my ill will towards Decaprio after his performance as a prissy new yorker in the Titanic. Sharp, gritty, on the edge, constantly bordering his breaking point as a rat in the mob with a killer Boston accent.

3. Princess and the Frog/ Tiana voiced by Anika Noni Rose

Hardworking, moral waitress turned first black Disney princess. So hawtt.

4. Up in the Air- Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney

A movie for a largely unemployed America. Playing the "bad guy" Clooney flies around the country with his leading man charm and gray hair intact firing employees for big companies who don't want to run their hands through any situation associated by guilt. Classy, charismatic, and opportunistic Clooney is the only actor cool enough to be able to portray someone who can take away someone's livelihood without crushing their soul.

July 20th - Vol. 2 (there's gonna be lots o Denzel)

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Website of the Week: Black guy hugging Asian people for Racial Unity in the Bay Area (Very Appropriate URL)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Put on a Pretty face

To mark the 2nd full month of unemployment I've been diligently growing the whiskers on my chin and cheeks. Yes, I do grow scraps of facial hair up to a about a centimeter below my eye. My only wish was that it could be fuller so I could pull off a real Just For Men beard.

You know a real beard that you get scraps of food stuck in. The kind of ruggedness rocked by both lumberjacks and gay fashion designers ala Tom Ford (I'm not sure if used ala right.) But boy, Tom Ford is a quite fine looking gentleman.

Best Looking Gay guy ever?????!!!!
Quite Possibly. Extremely Gayand Handsome.
Well Old Tom here already got me into some trouble this year.


During a discussion class the topic of the John Legend concert/speech at SU came up. Of course being the huge John Legend fan that I am, I basically described not only his singing, but his magneticcharisma, stage presence, andclassic sense of cool and dress all in ceaseless poetic verse.



The class looked at me and insisted I had a man-crush. I obliged.
They went on to ask me if I had any other men of status and beauty that I admired. I went on to list 8-9 names of men of power in rapidfire motion, including the prior-mentioned Mr. Ford.without any notion of self-restraint I spokeof the men who have inspired me through their talent and their snazzy clothes.


They looked at me again and now insisted that I was just another bicurious male student studying at a liberal arts University.

I am not bicurious. I am actually quite fond of woman. ..... and Tom Ford's Facial hair, but come onnnnn.

However, this revelation elicited an internet response through my beloved facebook. Where a bicurious and extremely insecure student asked if I had interest.

Chris. Really I am flattered and your shift in fetishizing Asian men because of my own sex appeal did great things for my morale but I'm sorry to say I'm just not that into you. (like the movie)

Sorry my mind drifts into the mountains of hyperlinks and youtube clips I've watched.

I'm still trying to getting used to typing like a snarky(Dane Cook uggghhh can't believe I ended up using a word he got a few cheap laughs with) Mag writer.

And Just Because I have to prove that Josh is a hypersexual, straight, College Sophomore here's Emma Watson.

and Grace Park

I'm trying to get into books lately. I am open to suggestions.

May 13th- FIFA World CUP Wrap up and my own personal 4 year plan.
May 14th- Oscar Speeches

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U2 i'm into them now

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sport is globally relevent

I'm typing on my dinner table. It still smells like the lobster I had bout 8 hours ago.

I've been rushed with this kind of emotion before. And at 19 years old, it's sad that I am too well-acquainted with the feeling of settling. Settling for something less than what you feel you worked for and deserve.

HELL YEAHH I'm talking bout Lebron.

Just list his physicals. He's 6ft. 8in. tall weighs about 285lbs. There is no one in this country and as he proved in the Olympics, THE WORLD, that can stop this man when he drives the lane. For once as a Knick fan, I could have had the best.

I got Ronny Turiaf via sign-in-trade. GoodBye forever David Lee.6ft 10 250 lb.s 27 years of age. Serviceable veteran

Recently, like sports fans everywhere, the bulk of my day has been concentrated on two things, Destination Lebron and the World Cup.

Bad News:
1)Lebron signs with the Heat, leaving the Knicks haplessly defenseless, having no 1st round picks for the next two years and wasting away the last two trying to make the team attractive enough for a man who could have profits in the hundreds of millions.

2) I find out the World Cup Finale will be televised live simultaneously as church conducts Sunday service. I need to make a choice and I'm already heavily leaning one way. I MISSED THE ZIDANE HEADBUTT. I'M ASHAMED TO SAY I MISSED THE LAST WORLD CUP FINAL. I NEED TO SEE THIS ONE.
ARJEN ROBBEN HAS A HEAD JUST AS OR DECIDEDLY MORE SHINY AND BALDING THAN ZIDANE'S. THINK of all the SPORTSCENTER forgetting about Lebron and focusing on what appears to be a volatile yet wildly accepted WC tradition!

You heard it here first. I SHALL SKIPP THE SABBATH. I've done it before. NOttt a big deall. God understands World Cup fever, afterall he did invent it. Give Credit where credit's due.

I'm a Sports Crazyperson
On the first day of school in 9th grade, my history teacher asked the class to look up a question that was nationally relevant and ask it aloud to the class.

I asked him if they should put an asterisk next to Bond's freshly minted all-time leading Home Run mark.

He appeared frustrated and bluntly put that sports is not important enough to merit discussion in a history class.

I disagree.....

Sport takes us into a downright magical place where we can root for the most recognizable faces and the most winningest teams, yet still be filled with the wonder of not knowing what's going to happen next. The men who are able to run, kick, throw, and catch are immortalized. Athletes have been bronzed next to statues of Presidents, prime ministers, writers, and Activists. And at times their busts are infinitely more recognizable than that of a world leader.

When kids are growing up they want to be the next Jordan, Jeter, and Manning. They mimic their mannerisms, the way they move their feet when a defense swarms or how to BEND IT LIKE BECKHAMM, DAMN IT. The future generations of this country aren't pretending to pass legislation like Obama, they're shooting water bottles in the trash cans like Kobe.

That is CULTURAL RELEVANCE. That's authority.

I cry. I cheer. I mourn the passing of legends. I mourn the futility of the modern salary cap era knicks. Hell this is a bad day. Let's go NEDERLANDSSS. ORANGE FOREVER.

So have fun in Miami Lebron, where you'll be playing third chair next to DWADE, and my girl Snooki.

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I gotta figure out how to hyperlink this stuff

Thanks for readdinggg

Oscars Post is Next

Monday, July 5, 2010


Sorry I'm still at California time and immersed in World Cup Fever. I am currently battling the urge to play FIFA at 4 oclock AM eastern time.

Me Enjoying space moutnain


There is genuine fear

I have a friend who is inspired at Disneyland. We're the same age and other than moving to Cali in the 8th grade, we were raised in a specific, almost identical fashion. Out of all of my close friends, it is this friend who has maintained his infuriating sense of optimism, and a childlike joy for Jesus that laughs in the face of the teen anxiety that usually accompanies a first year in college.

It may be the beaming California sunshine. It may be the water over there. But after years of sharing jokes, taking jabs, and fighting with him I realized that the boy's just a bit different.
He's cocky too. Stating on more than one occasion that my pessimistic points on Christianity can never win an argument because simply, I'm wrong all the time. You'd like him.

So you(yes you, I've decided to refer to the 2nd person because I feel its more personable and I'm still not talented enough to make a sentence flow without the use of you. So remember, I NEED YOU.) needed to know a little about my friend because he is absolutely pivotal to Disneyland.

I came to California and he pitched me Disneyland like this. "It inspires me. Every time I step into the park, not only am I happy, the people around me are happy. From the tram that takes us from the parking garage to the park at dawn to the fireworks at night at dusk, God inspires me with every step I take through that park. Every glance at a piece of architecture that was created to be pleasing to the eye proves to me constantly that God has continued to gift people to this present day and I love him for it."


The man is hopelessly romanced by Disneyland. He could legitimately sell Disneyland literature and people would eat it up. A simple piece of prose in adoration. He shares stories and locations of popular attraction like it's the gospel and he's been commissioned by divinity to do so. Maybe he is. And maybe with a pair of mouse ears he could be top dog one day. I wouldn't put it past him; the man's a dreamer.
I love him for it.

Oh yea Disneyland was fun. The Fireworks were fantasmic.
I'm still terrified at the very sight and shrieking of rollercoasters, although I did come to enjoy Space Mountain very much.
I saw a man propose in front of Cinderella's castle right before the fireworks were about to start.
This act exhibits three things that women look for class, sentiment and stage presence.
Great way to start off a lifelong relationship. Lucky girl.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back from LA

Happiest Place in the World :D

So in all my years of air travel I have still yet to sit next to a hot person on the plane. With every passing trip, every red-eye back to Jersey without the fulfillment that accompanies the experience of sitting next to someone beautiful, I've begun thinking that my chances of actually sitting next to someone with truly aesthetically pleasing features must be right around the corner.

I took the liberty of recounting some of the people in the non-hot category that dawdle in infamy within the many prisons of my mind. In both international and domestic flights I have had the pleasure of sitting next to and remembering........

From most recent to past
1) Summer 2010 LAX to JFK - Middle-aged Asian tourists to my right and my left.
In fact, (should there be a comma there?) in a domestic flight with an incredible amount of diversity, honest to God, there was an Asian herding system in place. Asian people, including myself were crowded into the front right corner of the plane right behind the business class. It was kind of ridiculous. I swear, I saw the only white couple in my area wake up from a nap and almost jump up out of their seats because they thought they were on the wrong plane.
Anyways, middle aged Asian people, I have to say are not the worst pick out of the lot. Definitely not hottie material presently, but decent, friendly people. (God, I need to stop writing stereotypes.)

On to the Next One (For info on Jay-z's newest video and possible fiendish agenda, I've included a link to a fan's interpretation of the symbols in Jay's latest video:

COME TO THE KNICKS LEBRON (Jay is trying to steer you wrong)

That's me doing the Lebron in San Diego. I like him a lot.

2) Summer 2009 JFK to Incheon International Airport- First row in a 4 seater row. I sat next to a Korean grandma, her son, and her son's son. For 16 hours I lived next to a real living, fleshed out, Korean family tree. It played out like this. A Mother insults her son, while showering her grandson with frankincense, myrrh, and fresh diapers in 4 hour increments. And I was right there next to the action, to witness and smell.

3) Summer 2008 JFK to Narita International Airport - I learned a Church Mission trip to Japan is neither the right place nor time to pray for the arrival of attractive strangers.
No hotties hereeeee!!

*Remember Kids, Traveling with family or members of a congregation limits your own opportunities in sitting next to the smoldering stranger you may o
ne day be romantically linked with.

So all in all, my time to sit next to a smokin hot stranger is drawing near. I've exhausted almost every single possibility in air companionship, so I have great faith that my next flight will hold the intimidatingly beautiful and mysterious stranger that constantly run from magazine spreads through my imagination.
She and Lebron should date

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