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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Troubling Quotations/ The Right Words in the Right Order Can Really Mess You Up

I am displeased

What's that saying? The smarter you get, the more you realize how much you don't know.

What a depressing, begrudging thought.

There's another one that states , There's always someone else in the world who's better than you.

No matter how good we are, we will always sell the world short on ourselves.
They will ask for more after we've given absolutely everything to them. Exhausted and thoroughly spent we'll decide for ourselves if we're satisfied.

I haven't spent myself in so long. I haven't been pleased with my exhaustion in years. Joshua Lee has been known to half-ass his way through life. Even things he should be concerned about to the most intimate degree have been lost in waves and reinforcements of disgusting complacency.

I swear I'll get there one day. One day I won't quit climbing a mountain, working out, getting fit, writing a story, making a relationship work, pleasing my father, pleasing my mother, helping my little sister, being a hyung to my little cousin, being proud and happy with myself.

I will finally climb to the mountaintop and then find those surrounding peaks taller than me. But I will get there and I will smile in my inequity.

This quote off of someone's tumblr keeps coming back to me.

"It's never too late to be who you might have been."

-George Elliot

website of the week: (Obama's Lincoln)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Whoever said that black and blue clash should get the hell up outta here ;)

This picture is the pinnacle of my material aspirations.
Makes sense that it would be lost and confused on the floor, trying to see if there's a way to regain something lost.

Kanye you are truly inspiration. Jesus walks brotha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving To-Do's

The To-Do lists are back! You know why? Because I am currently stuck writing a paper, so it has now become the perfect time to PLAN AHEAD.


1. Watch Social Network (gotta support CUSE alum, Aaron Sorkin)

2. Watch Harry Potter, maybe cry a little

3. Eat Great food/ Take advantage ofJersey/New York Food

a. Turkey, stuffing, Samgyubsahl, rice (My Beautiful Korean-American Thanksgiving. Honest-to-God, my favorite moment of the year.)

b. Bayside Diner (Bayside, Queens) are they still renovating?
(The Freshmeadow vs. the Beast)

c. Chicken and Rice (NYC 5th and 53rd)

d. Chipotle (Paramus, NJ)

e. White Manna or Shake Shack (Hackensack, NJ/ Madison Square Park)

f. Grimaldi's or Lombardi's (Douglaston, NY/ Prince St)

4. Thrift something of real value

5. Catch up with relationships. Really enforce them with substance and make them stronger.

Site of the Week: (I DIE - Rachel Zoe)

pt. 2: to all my flushing heads (K-BBQ)

Denim Movement, Denim Flow

Levi's Meatpacking 414 West 14th Street

Denim has long been the staple of American workwear and in the thousands of washes out there nothing quite captures the spirit of manifest destiny/frontier west like a damn fine piece of denim.

Denim is cowboy propaganda.

This has been my love song to woo the masculinity in denim.