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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back from LA

Happiest Place in the World :D

So in all my years of air travel I have still yet to sit next to a hot person on the plane. With every passing trip, every red-eye back to Jersey without the fulfillment that accompanies the experience of sitting next to someone beautiful, I've begun thinking that my chances of actually sitting next to someone with truly aesthetically pleasing features must be right around the corner.

I took the liberty of recounting some of the people in the non-hot category that dawdle in infamy within the many prisons of my mind. In both international and domestic flights I have had the pleasure of sitting next to and remembering........

From most recent to past
1) Summer 2010 LAX to JFK - Middle-aged Asian tourists to my right and my left.
In fact, (should there be a comma there?) in a domestic flight with an incredible amount of diversity, honest to God, there was an Asian herding system in place. Asian people, including myself were crowded into the front right corner of the plane right behind the business class. It was kind of ridiculous. I swear, I saw the only white couple in my area wake up from a nap and almost jump up out of their seats because they thought they were on the wrong plane.
Anyways, middle aged Asian people, I have to say are not the worst pick out of the lot. Definitely not hottie material presently, but decent, friendly people. (God, I need to stop writing stereotypes.)

On to the Next One (For info on Jay-z's newest video and possible fiendish agenda, I've included a link to a fan's interpretation of the symbols in Jay's latest video:

COME TO THE KNICKS LEBRON (Jay is trying to steer you wrong)

That's me doing the Lebron in San Diego. I like him a lot.

2) Summer 2009 JFK to Incheon International Airport- First row in a 4 seater row. I sat next to a Korean grandma, her son, and her son's son. For 16 hours I lived next to a real living, fleshed out, Korean family tree. It played out like this. A Mother insults her son, while showering her grandson with frankincense, myrrh, and fresh diapers in 4 hour increments. And I was right there next to the action, to witness and smell.

3) Summer 2008 JFK to Narita International Airport - I learned a Church Mission trip to Japan is neither the right place nor time to pray for the arrival of attractive strangers.
No hotties hereeeee!!

*Remember Kids, Traveling with family or members of a congregation limits your own opportunities in sitting next to the smoldering stranger you may o
ne day be romantically linked with.

So all in all, my time to sit next to a smokin hot stranger is drawing near. I've exhausted almost every single possibility in air companionship, so I have great faith that my next flight will hold the intimidatingly beautiful and mysterious stranger that constantly run from magazine spreads through my imagination.
She and Lebron should date

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Tue July 6th- Oscar Speeches
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Video of the Day: Kim Yuna Infinity Challenge


  1. nice man. i wanna hear more about your trip here haha. im excited for the disneyland post.

  2. I'm sitting at the airport in philly and I actually laughed outoud when I read the last part about sitting next to someone hot. you should talk to zion about this. I think its the only reason why he goes on airplanes.

  3. oh josh, i've been waiting two years to sit next to a hot guy on a plane. so far i've had big mafia man, a drunkard, a million hot GIRLS, and i'm pretty sure i've never even had a hot guy in the same plane as me PERIOD.

    welcome to the world of blogspot!

  4. Wow i am already unimpressed with my first post.
    Thank you for your well wishes ELIZAA.

    Jenn, it's scary but the more i get to know him, the more I feel like I'm like Zion -_-

    and disneyland post todayyy Waddduppppp

    And following people on blogspot is soo confusinggg. I think i just managed to follow myself by using my gmail accountt

  5. I was just talking to Simon about this
    Usually I get stuck with people who smell

    just once I would like to sit next to someone that didnt smell like they bathe themselves in garbage

    Looking forward to the Lebron Post

  6. Yo-
    you're terrible...HAARIBLE...
    but what's not terrible and horrible is your blog. very entertaining, good sir. keep it up!