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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Put on a Pretty face

To mark the 2nd full month of unemployment I've been diligently growing the whiskers on my chin and cheeks. Yes, I do grow scraps of facial hair up to a about a centimeter below my eye. My only wish was that it could be fuller so I could pull off a real Just For Men beard.

You know a real beard that you get scraps of food stuck in. The kind of ruggedness rocked by both lumberjacks and gay fashion designers ala Tom Ford (I'm not sure if used ala right.) But boy, Tom Ford is a quite fine looking gentleman.

Best Looking Gay guy ever?????!!!!
Quite Possibly. Extremely Gayand Handsome.
Well Old Tom here already got me into some trouble this year.


During a discussion class the topic of the John Legend concert/speech at SU came up. Of course being the huge John Legend fan that I am, I basically described not only his singing, but his magneticcharisma, stage presence, andclassic sense of cool and dress all in ceaseless poetic verse.



The class looked at me and insisted I had a man-crush. I obliged.
They went on to ask me if I had any other men of status and beauty that I admired. I went on to list 8-9 names of men of power in rapidfire motion, including the prior-mentioned Mr. Ford.without any notion of self-restraint I spokeof the men who have inspired me through their talent and their snazzy clothes.


They looked at me again and now insisted that I was just another bicurious male student studying at a liberal arts University.

I am not bicurious. I am actually quite fond of woman. ..... and Tom Ford's Facial hair, but come onnnnn.

However, this revelation elicited an internet response through my beloved facebook. Where a bicurious and extremely insecure student asked if I had interest.

Chris. Really I am flattered and your shift in fetishizing Asian men because of my own sex appeal did great things for my morale but I'm sorry to say I'm just not that into you. (like the movie)

Sorry my mind drifts into the mountains of hyperlinks and youtube clips I've watched.

I'm still trying to getting used to typing like a snarky(Dane Cook uggghhh can't believe I ended up using a word he got a few cheap laughs with) Mag writer.

And Just Because I have to prove that Josh is a hypersexual, straight, College Sophomore here's Emma Watson.

and Grace Park

I'm trying to get into books lately. I am open to suggestions.

May 13th- FIFA World CUP Wrap up and my own personal 4 year plan.
May 14th- Oscar Speeches

video of the day:
U2 i'm into them now


  1. You should totally read Eat. Pray. Love.!!! Eliza, Yoojin and I are reading it this summer. We can go watch the movie together in August when we're back in 'Cuse! DO IT. This won't emasculate you in any way, and I promise to not accuse you of being bicurious.

  2. extremely loud and incredibly close. i haven't finished it yet, but it's good so far!

  3. if you read eat pray love, i might judge you. it is my favorite memoir of all time but it is mostly about celebrating your womanhood, unless your 'bicurious' self is into that sorta thing..

    here's a list of man-books i'm currently following: (i read Into Thin Air this summer and it was adrenaline-pumpingly fantastic if you want to try that one!)

    there are many other things i want to say about this entry-
    1) tom ford is admittedly awesome BUT i will have to protest and say that the greatest gay stud of all time is ANDERSON COOPER!!! really can't beat his silver fox hairdo and PIERCING BLUE EYES. swoon.

    2) liking Emma Watson doesn't mean you're straight, considering i have reason to believe that both sexes think she is absolute perfection in a lithe, impossibly chic 5'6" frame. (no i do not google-stalk her on a regular basis)

    3) can you come back to cuse rockin' a beard and walking around barefoot all day? because that. would. be. amazing.

    4) snark was coined by dane cook?!?!! meh.

    5) you wrote May instead of July for what i assume is a preview of your next posts. sorry for being a blog nazi, just keeping you on your toes :)

    this was fun. keep blogging! HI JOSH

  4. bee tee dubs, this is sarah lee

  5. angela and sarah are right. and we will have a movie night so don't watch it when it comes out.

    here's a review piece from GQ to make you feel better about reading eat, pray, love (since sarah, of all people, didn't do too good of a job): "be advised that the supremely entertaining eat, pray, not just for the ladies, fellas."

  6. Eliza- I promise I won't go watch it in theaters.

    wait there's a sequel to that book rite?
    I herd it was the man-version of EAt, Pray. and Love
    Then I shall read that one.

    Jenn- I think your book sounds very promising. I will read it!

    RIght now I'm reading rugged Hemingway stuff because that was a man with a great name who was pretty badass.

  7. I can't believe Sarah said she "might judge you." Of alllll people, Sarah. SHAME on you.

    Yay! I'm excited for our movie date, Josh. Keep those posts comin'. This is great, josh!

  8. angela, i can literally see you wagging your finger at me and shaking your head. such an ahjoomz.

    as i explained to both elizabeth and josh later, i think it's perfectly acceptable for guys to read EPL too!! i think both genders and all races of all ages should experience the greatness of that novel. my (potential) judgment shouldn't stop them.

  9. wrong. best looking gay guy = anderson cooper. you can't go wrong with him!