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Monday, July 5, 2010


Sorry I'm still at California time and immersed in World Cup Fever. I am currently battling the urge to play FIFA at 4 oclock AM eastern time.

Me Enjoying space moutnain


There is genuine fear

I have a friend who is inspired at Disneyland. We're the same age and other than moving to Cali in the 8th grade, we were raised in a specific, almost identical fashion. Out of all of my close friends, it is this friend who has maintained his infuriating sense of optimism, and a childlike joy for Jesus that laughs in the face of the teen anxiety that usually accompanies a first year in college.

It may be the beaming California sunshine. It may be the water over there. But after years of sharing jokes, taking jabs, and fighting with him I realized that the boy's just a bit different.
He's cocky too. Stating on more than one occasion that my pessimistic points on Christianity can never win an argument because simply, I'm wrong all the time. You'd like him.

So you(yes you, I've decided to refer to the 2nd person because I feel its more personable and I'm still not talented enough to make a sentence flow without the use of you. So remember, I NEED YOU.) needed to know a little about my friend because he is absolutely pivotal to Disneyland.

I came to California and he pitched me Disneyland like this. "It inspires me. Every time I step into the park, not only am I happy, the people around me are happy. From the tram that takes us from the parking garage to the park at dawn to the fireworks at night at dusk, God inspires me with every step I take through that park. Every glance at a piece of architecture that was created to be pleasing to the eye proves to me constantly that God has continued to gift people to this present day and I love him for it."


The man is hopelessly romanced by Disneyland. He could legitimately sell Disneyland literature and people would eat it up. A simple piece of prose in adoration. He shares stories and locations of popular attraction like it's the gospel and he's been commissioned by divinity to do so. Maybe he is. And maybe with a pair of mouse ears he could be top dog one day. I wouldn't put it past him; the man's a dreamer.
I love him for it.

Oh yea Disneyland was fun. The Fireworks were fantasmic.
I'm still terrified at the very sight and shrieking of rollercoasters, although I did come to enjoy Space Mountain very much.
I saw a man propose in front of Cinderella's castle right before the fireworks were about to start.
This act exhibits three things that women look for class, sentiment and stage presence.
Great way to start off a lifelong relationship. Lucky girl.

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  1. haha i know exactly who you're referring to but i agree he has a magical way of describing disneyland (disneyworld is better though).

    glad you started a blogspot, its about timee

  2. i don't think it's the california sun or water. your friend is just pure passion!

    so you're aware of what women want. goodness, that's intimidating. now i have josh to tell me what i want in a guy...heh