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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because James Told me too and I've been way too lazy to updatee- My defense of KTOWN (We'll be seeing a lot of each other this semester)

This was my comment taken in response to the blog entry by I'm not a Writer.
(A business man that can write is a very dangerous man)

Hey James,
Although I agree with a lot of your points, I actually believe that there is a lot that K-TOWN can do for the furtherment? of Asian Americans, maybe without meaning too.
The stereotypes you listed are extremely prevalent, but I think the ones you are mixing that have to deal with Asian accents (the way Asian American speech is depicted) and Asian American sexuality ( which is the whole you knowwwwwww)

Seeing Korean Americans as fun loving, drunk, and brash individuals is an entirely new direction for Asians on TV. Today if Asian Americans are not depicted still as Martial Artists or foreigners, they are given extremely generic roles as COP #4 or Doctor #2.

So it's interesting to see Asian men who are looked in a sexual sense with all the boozing and hooking up. Asian women who don't perpetuate violin playing, straight A students.

I feel like KTOWN will follow in the example of Harold and Kumar by showing not all of us can be extremely successful businessmen like YOU lol.

Something I thought was unique for Jersey Shore was how much pride both Italian "Mike the Situation" and non-italian JWOW and Snooki had for being a guido.
I sincerely hope the cast of KTOWN don't refer to themselves as gooks or something other misguided terminology but I'm sure because it looks as if they will be exclusively partying in KTOWN that they will have a lot of KOrean pride, somehting completely absent in TV today.

For me Gay porn makes for at least interesting TV.

Next post the KTOWN COWBOY that hates California. Miss ya Petterrrrr.
GGAk doogeee head

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  1. i feel like 21st century asians are categorized as cool accessories (and some angry anonymous person hates me for saying this) but it's complete truth.
    at the same time, asians, despite their progressiveness, are still marginalized into the smart, musically talented, mathlete stereotype.

    i don't think anyone can get away with stereotypes...they're freeeaking everywhere.

    but true that. entertainment will always be entertainment.

  2. I'll admit
    K-town Cowboys was pretty good

  3. on that note
    have you seen 32nd West with John Cho
    Its not bad

  4. haha you do know peter is totally against ktown jersey shore right? he was so heated when i slightly mentioned it...apparently everyone associated from ktown cowboys is (including my sister) lol. just an fyi :)

    but other than that, i think i'm fine with jersey shore for now.