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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pedro Kim, Peter Jae, Peter Kim Vol. 1 (For my 14 Followers out there)

Pedro Kim June 24 at 7:22pm Reply

To My 14 followers
Message Peter sent on Facebook

My favorite peter pics


Hey guys,

I just wanted to reach outto you and ask for your support in spreading the word on a web series I'm involved with.

I'm sure most of you know by now that I'm involved with a web series called KTOWN COWBOYS. We premieredit at the APA Film Festival in LA and Sold Out 600 seats and won an award for Best First Narrative Feature Film. We then released it as a web series a couple of months ago and have been releasing anew episode every week.

We all know that Hollywood is point blank racist. They rarely create any good roles for people of Asian descent.Youtube and web series has been a new channel for underrepresented ethnicities to get their work out. For me, its been a platform to promote myself as an Actor and gain the exposure I need to get work on a grander scale. The more hits you get on these channels themore these industry people take your project serious. There are so many other projects out there that are trash but get millions of hits just becausepeople support them and then in turn, the major studios give them deals.

KTOWN COWBOYS has been a huge success in LA and its pretty much the buzz of the city. I have people come up to me everywhere I go because of this web show. But this is just one town. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to reach my hometown in NY through the power of the internet. That's why I'm asking if you guys can show your support and please spread the word. All it takes is a Post on your page and word of mouth.

This road that I'm traveling is not an easy one. I've sacrificed and left everything I love back home and traveled across the country to be in a city that I hate but I'm trying to make the most of it because I believe in what I'm doing. It seems almost impossible at times but I'm willing fight the fight. I only ask for your support. Please spread the word. Thanks for the taking the time out. I really do appreciate it. Can't wait to be back home.
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Peter on the very left. Me Brownish one towards middleeee

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  1. He is just pure deliciousness and perfection!! ... I wish he would model more.