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Saturday, January 8, 2011

the Fabric of Joshtime

If I were to have in my possession a new Years resolution is NOT TO BE LATE. PUNCTUALITY WILL BE KEY.
I too like so many of the constantly disgruntled people of the tri-state area, dislike the New Years resolution. Personally, it makes little sense. New years falls almost directly at the midway point of my Winter break, so while the workforce of America is refreshed and ready to reach new heights of ass-kissing and social mobility, I've developed the uncanny gift of not only hitting the snooze button but turning that wonderful cellular device off.
I wake up when I please. I play videogames as I please. I still cannot work when I please because of the previous two-points. The correlation between the time spent on social media and the lack of any true sensation coupled with the nonexistent feeling of accomplishment is as steady of a point as possible. Yet people have livelihoods based on twitter, tumblr and more

Anyways, yea, getting to places on time. Simply enough, actually it's a mix of two points.
First being the trivial, nonsensical one, I thought arriving late was in style. What's that saying fashionably late...yeah. Like any good played-out utterance, the phrase fashionably late did hold a particular truth in my own life.

1) No cool people ever showed up on time; it was only the losers that did. Fact !

I can see how it has to do with how cool people make living look so effortless. Sometimes I would feel like real, genuine cool people just didn't have to make the effort to see other people, which would then lead me to envy just how much of a dick a cool person can be :D

2) At home and up till my 18th birthday, no one really stressed any really negative sentiments over my lateness. Fact !

I guess people were just more lax, except my high school who penalized me for coming back late from a delightful lunch at Chic-fil-A.

Wow, I hope I'm not boring you. I'm kinda boring myself. BUT, LET'S PRESS ON. (Do i need a comma after every conjunction?)

Ahahah I can't believe this is my first entry of the year. Not much has changed has it Josh?

Joshtime- My roommate, JJ, came up with an exact formula but basically Joshtime is realtime on lag, extreme lag. Possibly in increasing 20 min. incriments at a time.

I pledge to work on being on time because, for the first time in my life I've begun to realize that people are counting on me to be on time. Not just because their time is valuable, I like to think it's simply because they take a great, casual or formal joy of seeing me as soon as possible, or simply just a little earlier.


Link of the week:
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  1. about time, you jerk.

    "while the workforce of America is refreshed and ready to reach new heights of ass-kissing and social mobility"

    i cant wait!!!!

  2. i'm always early. that makes me a.........