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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wandering at 10:30

I write because I'm bored.
I write when I'm motivated.
I write when I'm on deadline.

Period. Punctuation. Pears. Pineapple. Pens. Pencils. Paper. Paper Crane. Crane Man. Korean. Bahp. Chopsticks. Samgyupsahl. Lettuce. Healthy living. Mom. Nagging. Carefree. Freedom. Room. Free doom. Mushrooms. Mushroom Cloud. Nuclear. Are We all going to die. How many are there? North Korea. How much should I really worry. Crazy. Dictator. Starvation. Execution. Liberty. Justice. Freedom. America. Materialism. Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton Don. Kanye. Pharrell. Dress. Sneakers. Blazers. Chains. Jewelery. Jesus pieces. Wood or gold. Wood. Splinters. Gold. Greed. Greed. the Grinch. Green. Money. Money is the Root. Of Love. Of Homes. Of Dreams. Of Children. Of Adults. Of Parks. Of Baseball. It Makes the World go round. Gordon Gecko. Greed is good. Goodness. What is goodness. Discomfort. Smoking. Drinking. Sexing. Texting. Sex-texting. Ah. Hunger. To feed one's family. Breadwinning. Breadeating. Gender. Stay-at home dad. Bill Clinton. The House Husband. The fraternizing, sexualizing house husband. Rings. Commitment. Commitment to pain to love. Commitment to make new yous. Children. Babies. Baby Names. Gwenyth Paltrow. Fucking Apple. Are you kidding me. Money can really make anything happen. Jay-Z. "And she named me Shawn because it was her right." Late-night. Head-spinning. Letterman. Leno. Conaan. Leno's a douchebag. Letterman is too but he's funny. Double-breasted suit. Old school. It's all about the fit. The very best man can be dethroned by looking like a slob. He can lose respect and status by simply having one-to-many buttons on his jacket. Think about that lappelle gentlemen. In the end it's all about being a gentlemen. Because being here is a privilege. You need to act accordingly. Live accordingly to the gospels of suffering and pain and love and compassion and humility. With privilege comes great obligatory pain. Let's suffer together. Joy Min. Joy Min thinks people who blog are weird. He's probably right on the money on that one.


  1. why does he think bloggers are weird :(

    this was a cool entry. kinda like...something you would see on the back of my coffeeshop alleyway.

  2. It's because he is ignorant.

    Woah thank you. would you put my name on the wall too?