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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fashion Issue

Fashionista even when my car can't keep up with my grind. Yes that is MY Honda Odyssey. Yes that scarf is actually my hoodie.

Let's Begin. Tour of the Sartorially Inspirant (new word: Spread the good news)

One of the only artists still in his boy band phase to kill it, day-in, day-out.


Johnny Depp and his hats. Never seen anyone who can pull off that seamless cool of an old-school hat. Always carefree. he looks like he's having fun with what he wears, the greatest quality to have.

the Tweed thrifting king of

Josh Kissi of Love this guys blog. Another thrifter who works retail at jcrew. Takes the staples that companies like Uniqlo, clarks, jcrew offer and layers them with sweaters and jackets of American classics to create a current look that constantly pays homage to the past.

New one for me: thecreativeroutine

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  1. its always good to appreciate all shades of fashion. allows for a better depth and sometimes mixing and matching styles brings out the best in you.